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Babies Room

Our babies room consists of a bright colourful, spacious environment equipped for all your babies needs. With particular emphasis on hygiene and safety. A great variety of toys and play facilities are always being updated to stimulate and fulfil the most curious of tiny mindsHygiene and safety.

A maximum of nine babies at any one time with a staff ratio of 1:3.

Babies are fed and sleep on demand.

A separate sleep room is available which is constantly monitored and situated just off the main baby room. We supply all Sudo-cream, Vaseline and bibs. Parent’s are requested to supply nappies, pre-prepared bottles and baby food until your little one is weaning, after this the nursery will supply all food (pureed if required) and cows milk.

Toddlers rooms 1 and 2

At Playdays Nursery we have two rooms for toddlers. Toddlers 1 and Toddlers 2. Both rooms are fully equipped with a large and diverse range of toys, games, puzzles and activities such as sand, water play, arts & crafts, role play, music, drama and both indoor and outdoor play. Structured activities are organised for older toddlers with set times allocated for snacks, lunch, television, free play etc. Children are encouraged to use potties from an early stage, as is the importance of personal hygiene, manners and respect for others.

Staff ratio
Toddlers aged 2yrs old 4:1
* Toddlers aged 3yrs old 6:1

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